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ABACUS CONCIERGE VENDOR REFERRAL PROGRAM. Concierge Director: Roy Kauer III. ***** "Abacus Business Service" supports the Abacus Concierge Websites. *** 6 AREAS: Seattle, North, East & South Sound, Peninsula & National; *** We VERIFY Vendors' UBI #, License, Bond & Insurance. *** FOR VENDORS: We promote Vendors (Home Improvement Providers) to BROKERS and their CLIENTS through our NO CHARGE Listing Ads. (We are connected with over 2,000 local Brokers in over 400 local Agencies.) Vendors are invited to send a "Voluntary Finder's Fee" if they get paid, if the job merits it, and if the company permits it. Requested service is expected, regardless of a finder's fee. Our focus is more on SERVICE than on PROFIT. *** FOR BROKERS and their CLIENTS, there are over 300 types of SERVICES LISTED from over a 100 Vendors designed in 6 areas. Our FOCUS is to support LOCAL VENDOR SERVICES. *** REFERRAL REQUESTS require a PRE-SCREEN of the client's job. That saves time and effort by verifying the availability and compatibility of the Vendor for the job. *** FOR REFERRAL REQUESTS: call Roy Kauer III, at 253.332.3197 or 800.296.6138; e-mail at roy@abacus4concierge.com; or use the "Concierge Help" box under "The Concierge Program" Tab. **** WELCOMING SERVICES is a list of FREE ads for local Merchants who have agreed to let us promote their services in exchange for promoting our local brokers as they see fit. **** LinkedIn BIO for Roy Kauer III: www.linkedin.com/in/roy-kauer-iii-ba501615/