The Concierge Home & Commercial Service Program is free for Real Estate Professionals, their clients, colleagues, relatives, friends and neighbors.

How to use this site:

  • Simply click on the Vendor Icons for your area from a tab above
  • Select Category of service(s) needed
  • Select one or more vendors
  • Contact vendor(s) directly
  • Schedule project with vendor(s)
  • Follow up with comments on "Quality of Service" from your chosen vendor(s)

If no vendor is available for the category of service you need:

  • Under "The Concierge Program" tab, use the "Concierge Help" box to e-mail any request to the Concierge.
  • Concierge will locate vendors and send you their contact information
  • Your e-mail address and contact information will not be sent to anyone

Roy A. Kauer III, M.S. Concierge Director